Happy 2B Hear (H2BH) is a Canadian duo that provides keyboard and vocal arrangements of original and cover songs.  We would be happy to join you at your next event to share our music and harmonies.

When you book an event with H2BH, you are guaranteed the duo of Ken Dey and Denise Harrison.  Subject to availability, they may be joined by additional musicians for performances.

Ken Dey – Keyboards & Vocals

Ken is the songwriter of many of the original songs that Happy 2 B Hear perform.  Ken stirs it up with his Yamaha and Roland Keyboards (plus an old DX7 that he likes to play with in studio) for a unique synthesized sound.  He does both lead and harmony vocals throughout.

Ken has been playing music his whole life, starting with piano lessons at age 3 which led to the accordian at about age 5.  He enjoyed the additional expression obtained with the bellows.  In his teens, he won awards for showmanship.  Ken loves playing music and making the audience smile.

Denise Harrison – Vocals & Percussion

Denise has been singing since early childhood, including years of involvement with church and school choirs.  She brings an earthy tone to Ken’s songs with lead and background vocals, as well as percussion.  She helps complete the sound by adding her own dynamic to Ken’s originals.

Denise sang with Ken as part of a band called Omer & the Spirit Wolves and then started learning Ken’s songs in March, 2011.  After working with a number of other musicians, Ken and Denise decided to start focussing on performing and recording Ken’s original songs . . . that is how HAPPY 2B HEAR was formed.  Since then, H2BH has enjoyed playing at various outdoor markets within the Lower Mainland, as well as performing music at private parties, having fun at local open mics and working in studio.


Music has been an inspiration to us in our lives and we want to share that with everyone.  H2BH strives to create a sound that is therapeutic in nature. We like to entertain our audiences and inspire feelings of happiness and well-being with the music and harmonies we provide.


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